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Selected Works



Jo hota hai, woh dikhta nahi.

Ever stuck somewhere? Ever found yourself lost? Who helped you out? How did you find the solution? Many questions like this are never thought of, but if given a little attention many unexpected answers may come out. This story will reveal many such situations which will change your perspective about...

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Yeh Yaari

Kyunki dost sawal nahi karta.

True relations are priceless, just like friendship. A friend is someone who helps you even when you are not aware of it. Importance of this relation can never be elaborated through words. Ofcourse, this is also true that the only thing that makes it strong is trust. This story depicts a true and unf...

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Soch seemit ho sakti hai, sapne nahi.

There is no age to dream and explore, unless you are courageous enough to accept your own thoughts. Society will force you to live according to them but to stand out of the queue its only you who can make your own path. This story leads you to the world where you will get a chance to think again tha...

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Anokhi Sazaa

Kaun mujrim, kaun nahi

"Behind The Roznamcha" - A book written by present AIG of Indore, Sonali Dubey Ma'am. There are many such cases buried in the files at every police station. And few of them are too good to be known by everyone. One such case was mentioned in this book, which made us eager enough to know more about i...

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Laal Ishq

Pyaar aasan nahi hota.

Love is something that strikes at the right moment through the right person. You'll never know when that moment arrives. Sometime it may come when you think you need it and sometimes it may come when you don't. Its not just us who lives with two faces, few relations also wears a mask which is visibl...

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Woh Qila

Afwaah ya sach.

Ever heard about any rumour and thought to find the truth behind it, and what if you find the truth itself is a rumour or may be the rumour was the truth. No matter what is the truth, what is the rumour. But, what matters is that how will you explain it to yourself to accept the fact that the conclu...

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